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“35th International Coastal Clean-up Celebrations”

In observance of the 35th International Coastal Clean-up Celebrations with the theme “Safe Oceans Start At Home”, the City Government of Davao spearheaded by the City Environment & Natural Resources Office (CENRO) in coordination with the DENR-Environment Management Bureau (EMB), conducted its Coastal Clean-up Activities last September 19, 2020.

Eleven (11) Coastal Barangays of the City participated in the said Activity, composed of Barangay officials, functionaries, constituents and various government and non-government organization. In summary, a total of 329 sacks of coastal garbage were collected and disposed to the Sanitary Landfill of the City.

“Arbor Day”

The annual observance that celebrates the role of trees in human lives which promotes planting and tending of trees.

In line with this celebration, as spearheaded by the Integrated Protected Areas Section (IPAS) of this Office, on June 25-26, 2020, together with the participation of the Eastern Mindanao Command, Armed Forces of the Philippines (EASTMINCOM, AFP), conducted a Tree Planting Activity along the Davao River embankment.

Updates on Quarry Operation

As of April to June monitoring and assessment of Twenty two (22) concessionaires , a volume 27,817 metric tons sand and gravel (SAG) has been excavated and 20,246.50 metric tons of earthfill materials respectively within the outlying districts of the city with approved quarry areas.

Updates on Garbage Collection and Disposal

As per Republic Act 9003 also known as “Ecological Solid Waste Management Act” segregation and collection of solid waste shall be conducted at the barangay level specifically for biodegradable, compostable and reusable wastes: Provided, that the collection of residual and special wastes shall be the responsibility f the municipality or city

The City Environment and Natural Resources Office, as of April to June 2020, was able to collect and disposed Forty Three Thousand Two Hundred Thirty Five point Forty Nine (43,235.49) tons of wastes.

In consonance with the provisions of RA 9003, this Office, is continuously undertaking rehabilitation and development of Davao City Sanitary Landfill through its available resources and other cleaner and safer forms of disposal system.

Used Cooking Oil To Biodiesel Fuel (BDF) Program

Used Cooking Oil collected from different establishments such as: fast food chains and malls.
Processing of used cooking oil from refinement tank to filtration process.
Bio-Diesel refueled vehicle.

Beautification along Davao River Embankment

The Bougainvillea plant were planted in January 16, 2020 and it was completed last January 30, 2020 with a total of 877 seedlings planted along the Davao River Embankment near AGRO School Foundation.

In order to protect the plants towards damages, it is installed with several tree guards. With that, the area is constantly monitored by the nursery maintenance personnel of Natural Resources Operations Division.

Development and Maintenance of Public Parks, Center Islands / Pocket Island